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Next Generation Biofuels

Next Generation Biofuels

Developing emerging feedstocks, commercial strategies & advancements in conversion technologies
Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 28-30 September 2009

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Dear Colleague,

The 5th Next Generation Biofuels conference and exhibition takes place in Amsterdam in under 2 weeks. Attend 3 information rich days of networking, debate and analysis from over 45 industry leading experts with the option of a 2-day training course post conference.

Next Generation Biofuels is the annual event which focuses on ensuring Next Generation Biofuels commercialisation:

  • Discuss innovative and effective commercial strategies and business models
  • Understand how to improve yields, quality and processes to convert non-food biomass into next generation biofuels
  • Learn about making sustainable bioenergy a practical solution
  • Look at the whole value chain - from field to production and integration to sales
  • Listen to market experts on commercialising cellulosic ethanol and biobutanol
  • Debate the advancing role of drop-in fuels (green diesel, green gasoline and butanol)
  • Hear about the advancing role of synthetic biology in the development of next generation biofuels
  • Understand developing BTL technologies
  • Hear about the latest opportunities and developments in pyrolysis and biochar
  • Learn about tapping the potential of forestry and woody biofuels
  • Accelerate the development of new energy crops, plant biology and genomics
  • Discuss commercialising flexible feedstock technologies
  • Receive the latest insight on optimising algae for next generation biofuels 

Too technical? Why not try our training course post conference:

Introduction to Biofuels
A 2-day Comprehensive Overview of Biofuels Technologies & Markets
Amsterdam, The Netherlands:  1—2, October 2009

Whether you are new to the industry or simply want to refresh and update your knowledge, this two-day training course will ensure you are up-to-speed with the key, fundamental aspects of the biofuels industry. You will learn the basics of how biofuels are derived, the factors and debates influencing the market and its competitive framework, plus review current and upcoming market activity. Although all types of biofuel will be defined and introduced (including biomass and biofuel for power generation), the main focus will be on the use of biofuels in transportation

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Speakers include:

  • Michael Dennis, Chairman, Enerkem
  • Jim Flatt, Executive Vice President of Research, Development and Operations, Mascoma
  • Bill Haywood, Chief Executive Officer, LS9
  • Arnold Klann, Chief Executive Officer, Bluefire Ethanol
  • Joseph Skurla, Chief Executive Officer, DuPont Danisco
  • Dr. Rick Wilson, Chief Executive Officer, Cobalt Biofuels
  • Dr. Jos van Boxtel, Senior Scientist, Biofuels Projects, Arcadia Biosciences
  • Prof. Bruce Dale, Associate Director, Office of Biobased Technologies, Michigan State University
  • Poul Ruben Andersen, Global Marketing Director Biofuel & Starch Business Development, Novozymes
  • Jamie Boyd, Senior Vice President, Cascadia Capital
  • Linda Capuano, Vice President Emerging Technologies, Marathon Oil
  • Steve Corcoran, Chief Executive Officer, KL Energy
  • Masood Hadi, Senior Member of Technical Staff, Sandia National Labs & Joint BioEnergy Institute
  • Francois Houllier, Scientific Director, Plants and Plant Products, INRA
  • Jan Lindstedt, Chief Executive Officer, SEKAB
  • Paul O'Connor, Director of Science & Technology (President), BIOeCON
  • Markku Patajoki, Business Development Manager, Neste Oil
  • Michael Persson, Vice President, Finance and Corporate Affairs, Inbicon
  • Rob Vierhout, Secretary General, eBIO
  • Mark Waldberg, Business Development Manager, Royal Nedalco
  • Malcolm Wells, Communications Manager, Sasol Chevron & Member, ASFE
  • Jonathan Wolfson, Chief Executive Officer, Solazyme

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Don't let your competitors gain the advantage. Attendees include:

5M Publishing, Aker Solutions, Alfred Escher Str, AlgaeLink, AlgaeVenture Systems, Algal Bioenergy, Algasol Renewables, Arcadia Biosciences, Avantium,BIOeCON, Bluefire Ethanol, BP Alternative Energy Ltd, Byrne & Company and ABO, Cascadia Capital, Ceres, Cobalt Biofuels, Codexis, Comment: Vision, Consortium of Cambridge, Cranfield University, Cumbres Energy Conversion, DuPont Danisco, Dyadic Nederland, E4tech, EABA (European Algae Biomass Association), eBIO, Ecofys Netherlands BV, Enerkem, European Biomass Industry Association, FMO, Fraunhofer IME, Gre-energise, Helsinki University of Technology TKK Lahti Center, Honeywell Specialty Materials EMEA, IBI (International Biochar Initiative), IEA Bioenergy Task 39, Bioenergy 2020+, Inbicon, Ingrepro, INRA , Iogen Corporation, John Wiley & Sons Ltd, KL Energy, LS9, Marathon Oil, Mars Symbioscience and ABO, Mascoma, Merck KGaA, Neste Oil, North Sea Petroleum Holding, Novozymes, NSF, Office of Biobased Technologies, MSU, Performance Plants, Petroleo Brasileiro SA-PETROBRAS, Poyry, Royal Nedalco, SA SNC Lavalin NV, Sandia National Labs and Joint Bioenergy Institute, SBAE Industries, SEKAB, Shell, Shell Global Solutions, Shell International Petroleum, Solazyme, SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden, St1 Biofuels Oy, Swetree Technologies, SynGenta, The Dupps Company, University of Wageningen, UOP Limited and ViB

Sponsorship Opportunities:

Over 720 biofuels professionals from 40 countries have participated in past editions of Next Generation Biofuels Markets. Our events stand out for the unparalleled number of biofuel producer companies we attract and the level of detail and knowledge reflected in our programs.

Next Generation Biofuels Markets will offer an integrated solution of brand positioning, business development and face-to-face networking opportunities with senior decision markers.

With a proven track record of delivering high calibre biofuels producers, Next Generation Biofuels Markets provides the perfect environment for you to do business with project developers from across the world under one roof.

  • Generate new high level business contacts
  • Find new partners and create business opportunities
  • Reinforce existing partnerships
  • Increase your market share and gain a competetive advantage
  • Enhance your company's brand visibility globally

Our sponsorship and exhibition packages are designed to help you meet business objectives. If you are looking to win prospective clients, strengthen existing relationships or enhance your company profile, we will help you in a cost effective manner.

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Algal Biomass Organisation


Online Networking

One of the fantastic new features for delegates attending Next Generation Biofuels is the Online Networking System - all pre-registered delegates, speakers and guests can contact each other, organise meetings and network before, during and after the show using this easy to use, private networking system.

Maximize networking time at our conferences by contacting other registered attendees in advance. Search other attendees by Job Title, Name or Company and send them a message directly via this secure system - as simple to use as email. Registered delegates will be sent their username and password 4 weeks before the event so they can start networking - simply login and start messaging!
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Green Policy

It is our intention to operate our business in an as environmentally friendly way as we can. To find out more please click here to read our green policy, we welcome all suggestions as we continually work to improve our footprint.    

Green Power Conferences

Established in 2003, Green Power Conferences was the first to offer professionally organised events focusing on the sustainability sector. Over the last five years, we have welcomed over 9000 delegates from 92 countries and built a global database of 450,000+ contacts. Our expertise lies in producing high quality, interactive conferences that provide ample networking opportunities for delegates and partners alike.

Each event is developed by a team of market research professionals who ensure our events provide in-depth discussions and the latest industry updates in these fast-moving sectors. With a global portfolio of 50+ events, Green Power Conferences is helping to accelerate the uptake of sustainable business practices from Rio to Hong Kong. We also walk the talk, by offsetting all our commercial activities through renewable energy projects around the world.

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